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Introduction to Gambling When you purchase this eBook you will learn how to beat the casino by understanding what the odds are of beating the casino. You'll also learn the risk factor of gambling. You will even learn how to maximize your chances of beating the casino.



Craps Craps has lost much of its allure in the casino, simply because younger players are not willing to learn its nuances. This is a shame, because with a proper betting system you can bring the House's advantage well below 1% -- a "statistical dead heat" meaning that the House's advantage will be insignificant over a few rolls, and even very small after hundreds of rolls. Indeed, it is possible to gain a slight statistical advantage over the House with a betting system known as the Parity Hedge System. Learn how to do all this and more with this eBook.



Blackjack When most people think of a casino, they think of Blackjack, which is also known as "21". Blackjack is -- by far -- the most popular "table" game in the casino. People play Blackjack because it is easy to learn, and they feel they have some control over their destiny, i.e., by good play they can actually "beat" the casino, and you'll find out how when you purchase this eBook.



Money Management Almost all the gambling books you will read will extol Money Management as the final piece of the puzzle which will let you gamble with the pros. The truth is that because the House Advantage eventually wears everybody down, there are no Pro Gamblers outside of Poker and Sports Booking, etc. You'll learn a Money Managment system that garuntees that you won't walk out the casino broke.




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