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The Do's And Don'ts Of Kissing Many people worry about thier first kiss. Will they respond positively? Will I get my face slapped? What if they don't like the way I kiss? What if I don't like the way they kiss? Learn the things you can do to lessen the chances of rejection. You'll find out what turns girls off when it comes to the first kiss and also what turns them on. You'll learn all this and more when u purchase this eBook.



The Art Of Massage When is the perfect time to give a massage? Where should i give the massage? How firm should the massage be? Learn the answers to all these quistions and more. You'll learn many techniques for massaging each body part that will drive a woman crazy.



Sex Positions Are you tired of using the same positions over and over again. You'll learn the variations to all of the basic positions so you can provide maximum stimulation to your partners.



Sex positions for over weight people Are you or your partner over weight and find it hard to find good sexual positions. When you purchase my eBook you'll learn many positions that will satisfy you and your partner. You'll also learn many modifications to traditional positions that you didn't think you would be able to do. After learning these positions you and your partner will be able to perform without any discomfort. You'll learn how to do all this and more when you purchase my eBook.



Tricks To Pleasuring Females Orally Learn secret techniques that are garuanteed to drive that special girl crazy. When u purchase this eBook you'll find out where the most pleasurable places are on a woman. Even if her pussy doesn't taste good you'll find ways to solve that problem without affending her. You'll learn all this and plenty more.



How To Give Head Learn special techniques such as the vacuum that will have you guys cumming in no time. You'll also get the answers to most asked quistions. For example should you swallow or spit. You'll also learn how to use your hands while giving head when you purchase this eBook.



The Art Of Fingering You just put your fingers inside your partner and push in and out and she has a major orgasm; right? If only life was that simple!! Most of us know it isn't. There's a lot more to the art of fingering than the above. You'll find out how to pleasure your partner by stimlating her G spot with this eBook.



Thumbing Do you want to give your girl multiple techniques. Find out how when you purchase this eBook. You'll learn the technique of thumbing that will give you partner orgasm after orgasm. You'll even learn about the x spot.



G-spot There is s much controversy over this little spot it's hard to know what to believe sometimes. The spot itself was given the name G - spot after the German scientist, Dr Ernst Grafenberg who in 1950 wrote an article describing a spot on the vaginal wall that could in certain women produce immensely pleasurable and sexually stimulating sensation. Studies show that all women do have a G -Spot but that not all experience pleasurable feelings when it is stimulated. You'll find out where the G-spot is and how to stimulate it by reading this eBook.




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