Name Explanation Price
Advanced Routines For Bodybuilders Do you find it hard to shock your muscles into growth? Learn advanced routines for every major muscle in the body. These routines are guaranteed to have a shocking affect on your muscles.



How to Gain Size For Bodybuilders Do you want to bulk up? Learn the appropriate amount of calories and the amount of protein to take in according to your body weight. You'll also get a strength training and diet plan designed to pack on muscle.



Nutrition and Lifting for Hardgainers Are you a hardgainer looking to build muscle? Do you struggle with putting on weight? When you purchase this eBook you'll learn how to actually gain mass. You'll get a diet plan and a bodybuilding routine designed for hardgainers.



How to lose fat Learn how to lose weight and keep it off. You'll find out the amount of calories to cut. The appropriate food to eat. You'll also get a diet and exercise plan to speed up the process of losing fat and keeping it off.



Toning and Shaping With Strength Training Do you want to tone and shape your muscles without bulking up and add definition? You'll learn how to use endurance while your strength training. You'll also get a specially designed diet plan to get you ripped without the extra bulk.



Toning and Shaping with Cardiovascular Training Learn how to tone up your muscles and add definition without bulking up. Learn how to eat healthier and maintain a ripped body by doing only cardiovascular activities. $20.00


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