Toning And Shaping With Strength Training

This plan is designed for people who are not overweight and do want to bulk up by using the bodybuilding plan. It is designed for toning and shaping muscles. For those around your target weight and simple desire to tone up your muscles and add definition to them, this is the plan you should follow.
This plan will place more of an emphasis on strength training as opposed to strength training for the reasons stated on the previous page. Strength training will be done five times a week and cardio will be done once or twice a week.
This plan will focus on the following exercise and diet techniques:
· High rep/ Lighter weight exercises.
· Working all body parts, except legs, twice a week
· A standard diet focused on increasing protein and decreased carbohydrate intake.

Strength training
· The strength-training phase of this plan is important and will be done on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It is very similar to the strength training plan for the weight lose exercise except for this plan you will use much higher reps and a few exercise more per week.
· Check under the EXERCISES or ANATOMY CHART sections of this site for explanations and demonstrations of the exercises recommended in this plan
· With all exercises, use an amount of weight that allows you to get at least 15 reps and no more than 20 reps. You should perform (3) or (4) sets of each exercise with a 1 to 1.5 minute rest in between each set. By keeping your time between sets down, you will keep your heart rate up and incorporate cardiovascular benefits into your strength training.
· CONCENTRATE ON GOOD FORM, NOT ON HOW MUCH YOU CAN LIFT!! This is probably the biggest mistake people make in the gym. They let their egos dictate how much they can lift instead of being realistic. Using more weight than you can handle causes you to use improper form which doesn't work the intended muscles and it also cause injuries very quickly. Use an amount of weight that allows you to perform the exercise with almost perfect form, and concentrate on that. This will yield the biggest gains and growth in your muscle. ALWAYS USE GOOD FORM!
· Do not jump in to this program too fast. Start out slow, and don't over do it the first few times you go through this routine. Your muscles will be plenty sore by going slow, trust me, there's no need to do too much too fast.
* ALWAYS perform two warm-up sets before going into your normal routine. Which ever exercise you plan on doing first simply take a VERY light weight and perform 18-20 reps of exercise for two sets. This will get the blood flowing in the muscle group you are working that day and get it warmed up and ready for primary routine.

*At the end of every strength training workout, perform (3) sets of abdominal crunches to failure OR (3) sets of leg lifts until failure*

Day 1 - Monday - Chest and Back

*Perform any (2 or 3) of the following exercises according to the routine mentioned above.
· Flat Barbell Bench Press
· Incline Barbell Bench Press
· Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
· Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
· Flat Dumbbell Flys
· Incline Dumbbell Flys

*Perform (2) exercise from Group A and (1) exercise from Group B
Group A
· Seated Cable Rows
· Bent-over barbell rows
· Back Dumbbell Flyes
Group B
· Pull-ups / Chin-ups
· Lat Pulldowns
· One-Hand Dumbbell Rows

Day 2 - Tuesday - Arms and Shoulders

*Perform or (1) exercises for Biceps and (1) exercises for Triceps
· Standing barbell curls
· Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls
· Preacher Curls
· Concentration Curls
· Triceps Pushdowns
· Nose Breakers / Skull Crushers
· Close Grip Bench Press
· Overhead French Presses

*Perform (2) exercise from Group A and (1) exercise from Group B
Group A
· Military Presses
· Dumbbell Presses
· Side Raises
Group B
· Barbell Shrugs
· Dumbbell Shrugs
· Upright Rows

Day 3 - Wednesday - Legs
* Be careful of over training your legs because extreme soreness will severely hinder your ability to successfully complete your cardiovascular exercises.
* Perform (2) of the following exercises:
· Squats
· Leg Presses
· Leg Extensions
· Leg Curls
· Sissy Squats
· Straight-Leg Deadlifts

* Perform (1) of the following exercises
· Standing Calf Raises
· Seated Calf Raises
· Donkey Calf Raises
· Leg Press Calf Extensions

Day 4 - Thursday - REPEAT DAY #1

Day 5 - Friday - REPEAT DAY #2

Cardiovascular Exercise (Perform once or twice a week on any days EXCEPT FOR LEG DAY)
- If you feel you would like to lose more fat perform cardio twice a week. If you feel your you don't need as much fat loss perform cardio once a week. This is up to you and your needs.
· PERFORM CARDIO ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!! When you perform cardio your body will start looking for calories and food to burn to keep up the high level of exercise it is enduring. The first place it will look is in your stomach. And if food is there, it will burn that food off first, and never tap into the energy it has stored as fat on your body. However, if your stomach is empty, it will go straight to existing fat and burn that for energy, and that is what you want while performing cardio. So the best time to perform cardio is first thing is the morning before you take in any food for the day. If you can't do that, just try and do cardio about 2-3 hours after the last meal you've eaten. Both ways will work.
· Cardiovascular includes all exercises that elevate your heart rate as described earlier in this program. Activities such as running, walking, jogging, biking, or swimming are all excellent cardio exercises.
o Perform (1) cardio exercise for 30-45 minutes on these days.

* Here are the general guidelines you should follow when constructing a toning and shaping specific diet/eating plan:

· Remember, you will never see the definition that you've worked so hard for is there is fat covering it up. That's why simple exercising and toning your muscles will not yield the results you want. You need to burn away the fat that is on top of those muscles. This is accomplished by doing your cardio and by following a good, healthy, clean diet. Doing both of these will melt away the fat on you and when you see the muscles that have been hiding underneath it, it will blow you away!

*See Workout #1, rule #1 under diet for the explanation why.

3) Use the formula in the diet section of workout #1 to find how many calories you should take in daily to maintain your current body weight. This is the number of calories should try and eat while performing this workout plan. Any less than this is too little to replenish your muscle and allow them to heal and grow. Any more than this amount will negate the cardio vascular exercise you're doing and not allow your body to burn the existing fat on your body.

4) Follow this breakdown of your calories: 30-40% from carbohydrates, 30-40% from protein, 30% from fat. Look at the eating plan of workout #1 for how to calculate all the numbers of these nutrients you should be taking in. Remember, carbohydrates turn into fat stored on your body more than fat does. Carbs are the nutrient with the most available energy. And fat on your body is there because you body is trying to store energy for future use. So naturally, it is going to store the nutrient with the highest amount of energy first, and that nutrient is carbohydrates. So, for this plan, try and keep the carbs low and the protein high. This will yield the greatest results.