Women and their magic wands
My background as an 'agent of pleasure' prepared me for writing this little discourse about turning the tides for you guys (or gals) out there who never seem to get your share of the pussy. Sorry, but true. From my perspective, which is based on endless reports from unsatisfied women that had to take matters into their own hands, all puns intended, most men are not willing to buckle down and LEARN what a woman needs and wants sexually. Yup. Read 'em and weep. So, if you are the kind of guy that really wants your woman to be satisfied to the Ninth degree---keep reading and take notes! You are about to learn some tricks that very few pros even know about. What I am teaching here is based on first-hand/first thumb experience and not hearsay.

Not gettin' your share?
Hey, it happens all the time. You're not home to handle business, and she gets horny and wants some action---with or without you. She hooks up her Slightest Touch unit and whips out her Magic Wand with that wicked blue G spot attachment and the neighborhood experiences a temporary brown-out---complete with dick-hardening sound effects coming from inside your house! Thirty minutes (better make that an hour) later, another well-satisfied woman is grinning from ear-to-ear as she puts away her Slightest Touch and Magic Wand and goes on with her life. You, on the other hand, get the short end of the stick, so to speak, and don't even know it. No wonder the wheels on the pussy wagon are always falling off! Face it! You're NOT getting your share of the pussy! This woman is going to be satisfied no matter what. And actually that's the way it should be. It's time you learned how to drop in on that action with some new moves that will have her screaming for more of what YOU have to offer.

The Digital Interface: Saving face when your Hard Drive suddenly morphs into Floppy Mode
Who hasn't lost it at one time or another? You're banging away and suddenly something trips across your mindscape that causes your dick to take a nosedive, and there you go-shot down in flames! Ouch! Then you're trying to explain to your baby what happened and making up all kinds of excuses. Of course, she's going to think there's something she did that caused it to go sideways. Maybe. Or maybe just figures your mind wandered again. Your steel-trap mind? Wandering during your favorite pastime? Hmmmm. Oh well. Just face it, it happens-right? Now let me show you a trick to fix it so it seems like you PLANNED it! Believe me, this is one trick she will want you to do ALL the time! Put on your magic hat, dudewah.

The Thumb Method - Early beginnings
I first came across this little ditty when MY dick died on a girl I was really trying to please. My reputation was on the line here, as I had been referred by a good friend who was more than happy with the results of recent sessions. Don't ask me how fast that freight train loaded with distractions came around that bend, but it derailed right there in my lap and stuff went everywhere---at the worst possible time! This woman was about to pop, and had been working up to it for the last 30 minutes or so. This was HER PARAMOUNT, and I was about to yell, "CUT!" Not a pretty scene. I was thinking fast. Her general speed was about 2 PPS (pumps per second-rather slow, actually) and this allowed her to focus on having an orgasm, and not on any irregularities in the pumping speed, etc. Slow and steady was the rule here. So, when my dick died, I just slipped out and slipped my thumb back in and continued to stroke her like nothing had happened. Then I downshifted, popped the clutch and wished like hell I had my earplugs in!

I gotta tell you, this thumb thing was a natural instinct. It just happened. But what happened next was just beyond belief, and I still laugh about it to myself even to this day when I think about it. My thumb just miraculously slipped right back into this woman's well-lubed pussy and homed-in on her G spot. It was all puffy and engorged, just like her clit. This woman was HOT, very wet and about to cum, and it wasn't going to take very much more to put her over the moon. Houston said the rockets were fueled and ready and we were Green To Go! Thumbs UP!

The Slippery Slopes of Gee Valley
Talk about ready! Doggie position. Head on her silky pillow. Back at a delicious angle. Pussy sights lined up on my face, and her butt was jacked up to the sky! It was an awesome sight, kinda like Mount Everest! My thumb was zooming up and down the top slope of her vagina, because she was basically upside-down. I realized that my arm could easily propel my thumb over her G spot at an incredible speed-like a piston. I could also bend the tip of my thumb downward to put more intense pressure on her G spot during the in-and-out strokes. Life as this precious woman knew it just took an abrupt and unexpected left turn with destination unknown.

My sudden shift in the game plan IMMEDIATELY got her attention! Her lights went on as her head rocketed off that silk. The moans went from a lazy deep bass tone to a feverishly high pitch in an entirely NEW language I had never heard before! She was 'squeaking' in tongues! Her eyes were all squinted up as she gripped that pillow like her life depended on it! This gal was headed somewhere fast! The signpost up ahead read:

NIRVANA 2 seconds
The sign lied. Her pussy literally exploded in a wet burst of the best love nectar I had ever earned! It was really more like a powerful aerosol spray gone ballistic! I was literally soaked and dripping with her luscious juices! Ditto for my birds eye maple chest-of-drawers standing 7 feet away, nectar running down its well-oiled grain in micro-rivulets. Nice distraction on HER part, but it didn't phase my quest for her ultimate orgasmic experience. Where's that elbow grease when ya need it?

Caution! Arm Speed: 200 RPM
I kept pumping this woman with all I had. My arm was moving so fast it was almost a blur. She was gasping for air and screaming all at the same time. Quite intense. But I wasn't finished with her yet. This woman was already in a state of exquisite pleasure and I wasn't about to stop to ask her HOW she was feeling-right? Her orgasms were coming about every 45 seconds to a minute, and sometimes (I found out later-when she was able to talk) one orgasm was not quite finished when another orgasm was just beginning---two going at a time! Oh My God!

Juices flowing? Check!
By now, her juices were flowing like a river. The walls of her vagina were alternating between a firm grip and tenting. I gently varied the depth of these lightning-fast plunges to include ones that almost got my entire thumb AND the palm of my thumb completely into her pussy---very deep and powerful strokes! Pushing it deep gave her a fuller feeling, like a thick cock, and made her nearly crazy. Occasionally, she would regain consciousness a little and get a word or two of English out, like, "Morrrre!…OoohGODDD OoohJeeezusss!" I discovered that when I went in deep, I was lightly bouncing off her cervix and causing her a lot of pleasure. Then I discovered another place she just absolutely loved-her X spot!

Mulder and Scully---watch out! There has been a lotta buzz about this X spot, which is supposedly located behind the G spot. Whether I was actually hitting it or not, is beyond me. I do know that as I began to use my 'Smart Cock' with some bit of finesse, if I straightened my thumb head as I went IN, so as to slide over her G spot, it worked rather well. (Note: make sure your thumbnail is trimmed back and filed smooth as silk.) Then I noticed that if I bent my thumb head downward on the out-stroke, it would put more pressure on her G spot and cause a LOT of pleasure going out. These well-orchestrated fast strokes took a bit of concentration on my part. I was so focused on providing her the ultimate pleasure, my cock never got so much as a rise. So what? I was having MORE fun doing this and making her totally crazy with pleasure, so it just didn't matter. Guys: get over it!

Where's that Volume Knob?
The pitch of her screams had changed entirely by now, as did her 'language'. It's funny how you get to know one scream from another---but there ARE differences and they each mean something once you get your ears tuned. I don't know quite how to accurately describe this phenomenon. It's something you'll just have to experience for yourself. Don't worry, it will happen. By the way, when I told her about the different languages she was speaking---she had NO idea what I was talking about. Really! You'd have to had been there. Next time a video will be rolling so as to save this event for further investigation. Think Agent Scully would like to learn a new language? I'm game!

"I can't take any more…"
Our little sex session lasted over 2 hours. She had easily soaked a dozen towels. Thank God she had a plastic mattress cover, otherwise that sucker would have been soaked to the gills. Her orgasm count was somewhere over 70 because. I got tired of counting by that time! This baby was SO spent! I heard her faintly whimper, "I can't take any more…please stop." She lay there in all her glory staring at the ceiling and not saying a word. She wasn't blinking. She was barely breathing. My God, was she dying? Quite the opposite. I was talking to her and asking if she was okay, but she didn't move or speak. This all-pervasive smile enveloped her face and I felt she was just totally immersed in the moment. The moment lasted over 30 minutes, and finally she 'came to' and rolled over on her side. She said, "Hi. I was sooo far out there, you wouldn't believe it. I was out in the Cosmos---a gazillion stars-and I was right there part of it! I was ONE with the Universe. I could barely hear your voice, but what I was feeling---it wasn't worth interrupting that just to answer. I'm lost for words to describe what just happened to me. Thank you angel!"

Entering Nirvana
Population in Bliss
Astroglide is Free

This wasn't our last trip to Nirvana. Each time we got together for a session, it was a different experience. Imagine that! Better than the last one? Yup. A forever-free ticket to the Land of Bliss. When she came and christened me with her sacred love nectar, we laughed and I told her how BEAUTIFUL she was and how much I LOVED it. I licked my fingers and showed her what a great job she did of drenching me with her juices. It was so erotic and sexy to be part of such a natural expression of female love and exquisite sexual arousal. You gotta admit --- women are amazing creatures!

Let's Review and Get Into Some Detail
The best position for your woman to be in, by far, is doggie-on all fours or with arms and head resting on a pillow. If she is laying down on her back, ask her to change position and do the doggie. Thumbing can also work with her resting flat on her stomach, but it is not as easy to do when it comes to speed strokes and stimulating her clit at the same time. If she is more comfortable on her tummy, cover a pillow with a couple of towels and put it under her tummy to elevate her butt a little. Move alongside her, apply a high quality sex lube to your thumb and slip it into her vagina with your fingers pointing towards her clitoris. Use the 'fingerprint' face of your thumb to gradually put pressure on her G spot and then slide it in and out or sideways on her G spot. It is essential that you ask her what movement and pressure feels the BEST. You may be surprised at the amount of pressure she can handle to get the best feeling. Vary your stroke speed as she directs. Sometimes slow works great, and other times a very rapid 'piston action' stroke is just what the doctor ordered. When they reach that state where you know they "aren't there"…don't ask---just keep on stroking!

Never Miss a Beat
The Thumb Method is great for guys to use following their own ejaculation, and subsequent loss of erection. Simply pull out and re-insert your thumb and you won't lose a beat. Even if your woman isn't ready to orgasm soon, and you can continue until she does. This keeps her very satisfied and allows you to take a break. Many women will want you to continue thumbing them to multiple orgasms, and this kind of stimulation could last for hours. Men have no idea the amount of pleasure most women can handle! Vaginal orgasms are totally different from clitoral orgasms, where the clitoris becomes very sensitive and the woman needs to stop the stimulation to it. It is not unheard of for women to have an orgasm every minute or two with the G Spot stimulation that the Thumb Method provides.

Note: Before using the Thumb Method, trim your thumbnail back about 1/16" from the edge of your thumb! Use a nail file to make sure it is super-smooth and there are NO sharp or jagged edges. Round the edge of the nail so it doesn't scrape the vagina walls and cause pain or damage. If your partner has any kind of STD, use a latex or vinyl glove in case you have any cuts or scratches on your skin where germs could enter. If they are prolific ejaculators, you might consider a face shield. Don't laugh.

As we hopefully all know, counting orgasms and "goal setting" is really not the purpose of making love. Probably all of us would agree that having a pleasurable, intimate time together is more important than anything else. So, whether your partner has one really great orgasm, a whole string of orgasms, or she just has a heightened sense of pleasure from your love-making, what matters the most is that you be aware of when she has had enough stimulation and she now just wants to be held and snuggled and told how much you love her. Every night doesn't have to be the Fourth of July! But with the Slightest Touch® and your magical Thumb, you know you can provide a little "fireworks" any time it's desired!